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Financial Planning Services

Retirement Planning

What are your numbers, risk score and wealth amount? How much risk are you comfortable with? How much money do you need to be financially secure? Figuring this out can be tough and it differs for everyone. Defining your goals and knowing if you are on track for success can be overwhelming. Everyone needs a plan. LIFEWATER can help you determine your numbers and create a plan that make you thrive.

Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow management is the foundation upon which all wealth is built. Your cash flows like a mighty river. Unchecked its currents can be a destructive force damaging everything in the way - - your dreams, your security and your future. With LIFEWATER’s cash flow planning, you’ll save more and dictate how your cash flows. Get LIFEWATER and plan your cash flow better for tomorrow.

College Planning

Are you prepared for the rising cost of college tuition? The high cost of college tuition is making the dream of college seem like a fantasy. With LIFEWATER, you’ll develop the proper savings plan to help you fund your child’s college education.

Insurance Planning

Life insurance may not be a topic people like discussing. However, if you want to protect your family, you need to talk about it with us. Financial preparedness secures your loved ones. Sometimes life takes a different turn from what we expect. Taking steps today to prepare for tomorrow’s financial uncertainties is one of the most critical aspects of financial planning.

Employer Retirement Savings Plans (401k, 403b, etc.)

Companies increase investment options and add complexity to retirement savings plans each year. On top of that, they shift more burden of plan management to employees. Reduce your level of confusion and make the right choices to secure your retirement. We guide you through the savings plans maze. LIFEWATER helps you to make confident decisions.

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