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Tax Strategies

Parched from the heat of your tax bill? Get LIFEWATER, we’ll help grow your nest egg and shrink your taxes. We seek out efficient tax strategies to minimize your annual tax liability and maximize the cash you pocket. LIFEWATER does not provide tax nor tax preparation services. We partner with certified tax planning accountants that can provide tax and tax preparation services you can trust.

Our Tax Planning service is provided through an affiliation we have with a third party consisting of Enrolled Agents and/or Certified Public Accountants. All of this is done in a proactive manner, not retroactive, as you may have experienced in the past. This all starts with an assessment of your current tax situation and offers you a starting point to save taxes now and in the future.

Estate Strategies

Leaving a legacy behind for loved ones and charitable organizations is core to what sound wealth management can bring. Working in tandem with accountants/CPAs and estate attorneys, we’ll ensure your estate plan is consistent with your goals. As we focus on the future of your estate, we’ll create an actionable plan to reduce costs, pass wealth on efficiently, provide care for loved ones and minimize estate taxes.

Coaching Partners

When faced with tough financial decision, have you ever wished you had a professional to talk to? Our accountability coaching provides personal and private instruction that prepares you to break through obstacles to achieve your goals. We partner with leading financial coaching firms to deliver premiere advice. Accountability coaching sharpens your financial focus which empowers your financial goals to become reality.

Insurance Partners

Once you know your insurance needs, we will refer you to independent insurance brokers that only work with the clients of fee-only financial planners. However, you are also encouraged to shop around to find the best rate for your policy.

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